Seth Kaufman’s ongoing series of minute and intricate cast resin works has been drawn into the dimension of color. In earlier works, made of squares that are essentially thin, cross sections were cut from a larger block of embedded dry organic elements such as shells, bones and seeds. A monochromatic hypnosis was the operational principle. Here there are layers of brightly colored strands of yarn-­-like material that insinuate themselves into the texture of the overall project with gleeful abandon. The quasi-­-archeological quality of the monochromes is transformed into a quasi-­- microbiological realm by the wavering lines of colored marks floating in the amber of the casting fluid. In one larger monochromatic work, overlays of clothes and embroidered patterns are illuminated from behind by a glowing light panel that disappears into the wall. In a newer colored work, patches of deep greens, blues and reds seem poised like phalanxes on the march. Always suspended between the pure delight he obtains in varying the mark-­-making that results from the material accretion, and the interpetive potential of the embedded objects, Kaufman creates eerie and beautiful microcosms.
Miller Fine Arts, West Hollywood